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Anyasa - Live @ Mixmag Lab Goa 2021

The Lab Goa is Mixmag and Breezer’s weekly event showcasing the best Indian and international acts from iconic clifftop venue Salud, Ozran Beach.

Emerging from the pandemic with a new sound, Anyasa - AKA Anish Sood - took to his roots and rekindled his love for progressive trance. Rediscovering an ‘emotional, euphoric and nostalgic’ connection to dance music, Anyasa found himself back in the place he first left off, amounting to his latest four-track EP which arrived in August this year, ‘Gaya’.

Through its use of powerful, classical Indian vocals combined with whirling 303s and melodic sounds, ‘Gaya’ landed global acclaim and can be heard running through India’s most groundbreaking clubs. From 4:PM until 10:PM on December 9, Anyasa takes over the first edition of The Lab Goa. Head down to the iconic spot on Ozran Beach to catch the DJ doing what he does best.