Armin van Buuren, Ruben De Ronde - Live @ A State of Trance Episode 1114 (#ASOT1114) 2023 'Feel Again' Album Special

One day, you wake up with a cloud in your head. You feel out of place and uninspired, and juggle so many worries the balance is skewed. That was Armin van Buuren three years ago. He put so much love and passion into his work and found it hard to cope with the fact that not everyone can be pleased. Something needed to change. So he reformed his life routines, took up meditation to calm the storm and did everything he could to negate the numbness. And what he ended up with was a newfound love for music and an incredible three-part album: ‘Feel Again’.

From ‘No Fun’ and ‘Computers Take Over The World’ to ‘One More Time’, ‘Come Around Again’ and ‘Roll The Dice', the ‘Feel Again’ album sonically represents the journey of an artist extraordinaire radically looking for harmony within himself. Its 34 tracks may be different in terms of sound, but together, they reflect an equilibrium that could only come from a man in balance.

From reconnecting to friends, family and fans to finding inner peace, ‘Feel Again’ means acknowledging harsh truths, finding out what really matters and letting that power a new step forward. Because in the evergreen words of Armin van Buuren himself, “we’re still learning and will never stop learning till the day we die”.


01 0:44 Armin van Buuren ft. Wrabel - Feel Again ARMIND (ARMADA)

Tune Of The Week:

02 10:18 Armin van Buuren ft. Matluck - Letting Go ARMADA

03 13:43 Armin van Buuren & R3HAB ft. Simon Ward - Love We Lost (Skytech Remix) ARMADA

04 16:40 Armin van Buuren & Punctual ft. Alika - On & On ARMADA

05 19:55 Armin van Buuren & Cosmic Gate - Reflexion (ASOT 2023 Anthem) ASOT (ARMADA)

w/ 21:09 Armin van Buuren & Davina Michelle - Hold On ARMADA

06 23:40 Armin van Buuren ft. ALBA - State Of Mind ARMADA

07 27:04 Armin van Buuren ft. Scott Abbot - I'm Sorry ARMADA

08 30:57 Armin van Buuren & Billen Ted ft. JC Stewart - Come Around Again (Armin van Buuren Club Mix) ARMADA

09 35:48 Armin van Buuren ft. Maia Wright - One More Time ARMADA

10 37:29 Armin van Buuren & Ahmed Helmy - Rhythm Inside ARMIND (ARMADA)

11 41:27 Armin van Buuren - Let You Down (Nifra Remix) ARMIND (ARMADA)

12 44:13 Armin van Buuren & Diane Warren ft. My Marianne - Live On Love (Achilles Remix) ARMADA

13 47:26 Armin van Buuren ft. Stuart Crichton - Dayglow ARMIND (ARMADA)

14 50:19 Armin van Buuren - Computers Take Over The World (AVIRA Remix) ARMIND (ARMADA)

15 51:34 Armin van Buuren ft. Vanessa Campagna - Vulnerable ARMIND (ARMADA)

16 57:10 Armin van Buuren & Susana - Home With You (Rising Star Remix) ARMIND (ARMADA)

Ruben de Ronde played:

17 1:02:08 Estiva - Via Infinita COLORIZE (ENHANCED)

18 1:05:43 Ronski Speed - Pano COLDHARBOUR

19 1:10:25 Myon & Jhirst - The Predictable Unknown RIDE (BLACK HOLE)

20 1:13:40 Lürum ft. That Girl - Fall Or Fly ARMIND (ARMADA)

21 1:18:39 Daniel Kandi - Balance BLUE SOHO

Cold Blue played:

22 1:21:21 Giuseppe Ottaviani & Richard Walters - Keep You Safe (Cold Blue Remix) BLACK HOLE

23 1:23:55 Cold Blue - Dance Of The Giraffes COLD BLUE RECORDS

24 1:29:15 Cold Blue - The Morning After COLD BLUE RECORDS

25 1:34:59 Cold Blue - Find A Place COLD BLUE RECORDS

26 1:39:37 The Thrillseekers pres. Hydra - Standing On The Edge Of Space (Cold Blue Remix) COLD BLUE RECORDS

Ruben de Ronde played:

27 1:47:06 Factor B & Arielle Maren - Connected (Lostly Change Of Season Remix) THEATRE OF THE MIND

28 1:51:56 Davey Asprey - Anything For You ASOT (ARMADA)

29 1:56:17 John Askew - Aces Hi ARMIND (ARMADA)