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D-Nox - Live @ Aztec Stadion in Mexico City 2021


This video has been recorded infront of the iconic Aztec football stadium in Mexico City.

The stadium is located in the south side of this mega city and to show you the area we captured some images of the streets around. You also get an idea of the size of Mexicos captial. The day of recording was extremly hot and the sun was heating up the gear to the max that you could basicly frite an egg on the mixer. The sound is a mix of unreleased and recently released tracks by some of my friends and collegues.

This video is a tribute to Mexico, the country where I have so much history and great memories. Its been now more than 20 years that I come to this amazing country. 20 years of parties and unforgetable dj gigs. Travels and trips to almost every city from the north to the south. I am so grateful for all I experienced here and I can call Mexico my second home.