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Gioli & Assia - Live @ #DiesisLive x Fagradalsfjall Volcano, Iceland 2022

We spent 9 days here in Iceland! At the beginning this was just an impossible project even to think about, but after these 9 days we can finally say we molded it into reality!

We brought all our team here in Iceland, but more than a team they really are true friends and special people for us. They helped us make our dream possible with supporting our crazyness every single day; without sleeping, eating, making long hikes, and putting all their effort!

Nothing was taken for granted!

We toured most of Iceland, experiencing the most beautiful sunrises, coloring our eyes with joy after long runs, filled our lungs and souls breathing the purest air in the middle of huge canyons, drinking water from glaciers, and danced under the coldest rain and laid on greenest grass just simply looking at the stars!

This trip really made an impact in our lives, and we’ll be always grateful for it!

We chose the craziest, remote, pure, raw and surreal locations to shoot all our new album videos! Let us say this, you’re not ready for it!!! You’re not ready for this album!

So stay tuned and see you tomorrow with a little taste of it, new Diesis live from Fagradasfjall Volcano, with Fire Hell and Holy Water premiere + 2 new songs from the album!


01 Gioli & Assia - Fire Hell and Holy Water ULTRA

02 3:29 Leo Guardo ft. Andiswa Live - Sebenza (Saint Evo Remix) MOBLACK

03 8:40 Dosem & Tinlicker - Hypnotised ANJUNADEEP

04 11:15 Giolì & Assia - My Tears

05 16:10 &lez - Nebula VISILE

06 19:15 Artaria - Keia (Modeplex Remix)

07 22:14 Gioli & Assia - Jaula

08 25:42 Jerome Isma-Ae & Tone Depth - Bloodmoon JEE (ARMADA)

09 30:20 Stan Kolev & Paul Thomas - Revelations (Fuenka Remix) UV NOIR