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Giorgia Angiuli - Live @ Turning The Dawn x Monopoli, Italy 2021

Giorgia Angiuli presents Tuning The Dawn. An incredible live set from Monopoli, Italy.

Produced by PhEST – International festival of photography and

arts and the Municipality of Monopoli.

This spot in her native town has a special value for Giorgia. It is here her mother spent her childhood in the 60s and this live stream is dedicated to her memory and to the magical vibe of Monopoli.

Giorgia says, "Dawn symbolizes a new beginning, especially during these dark times. Dawn gives a sense of hope to the cultural industry. As Victor Hugo wrote, 'Even the darkest night will end and the sun will rise'".

This drops just ahead of her release 'Love The Noise', out Friday May 14 in collaboration with Gardens of God and the winners of the contest: Vito Kalani, ANCIENT ATOMS, Violet Ninja, Ambientpressure on her United imprint

PhEST is an international festival of photography and arts, showcasing photography, cinema, music and art. Next PhEST takes place Aug 6– Nov 1


01 “Supernatural” ( unreleased)

02 “My heart takes me “( unreleased )

03 “The only way” (Tomorrowland)

04 “You shine” ( Warung rec)

05 “Trust the hours” ( United rec)

06 “Not too fast” (unreleased)

07 “Price we pay” - Octave one (Giorgia Angiuli remix , live edit , unreleased )

08 “Embrace me now”

09 Tears for fears “Shout” - Giorgia Angiuli edit (unreleased) .

10 Dirac equation (unreleased )

11 United - remixed by Squ4re - Giorgia Angiuli live edit (united rec)

12 Children of the sky - Giorgia Angiuli & Teenage Mutants (Filth on acid)