Hardwell On Air 300 Live Plus Special Guests 2017

Since its launch back in 2011 Hardwell's renowned radio show 'Hardwell On Air' has grown to become one of the electronic spheres most listened to weekly broadcast. On Friday January 20th 2017 the Dutch pioneer will host a special live broadcast to celebrate the 300th episode of 'Hardwell On Air'.

Fans from all around the world will be able to tune-in via the 50+ FM/XM radio station partners that will each be broadcasting the show, or via the official Hardwell YouTube channel, and enjoy this live two-hour show. Joining Hardwell will be a sizzling selection of named artists and Hardwell himself as curated a mouth water selection of music that give the occasion the perfect party atmosphere, as well as treater listeners to some of the freshest beats to get us started with new music for 2017! So whether you're tuning in via radio, the official YouTube channel or the dedicated site: live.djhardwell.com, join Hardwell and guests on Friday 20th January for undoubtedly one of the biggest 'On Air' parties the year has to offer!

Talking about this milestone achievement Hardwell said: 'For me this radio show has been a journey rather than a destination. I always wanted to use the show to share music with people all around the world and also use the show to showcase artists I believe in and give them a chance to reach new fans. So to have reached an historic 300 episodes with the show and have millions of fans from all around the world support 'Hardwell On Air', helping to create this incredible journey, is something that means so much to me. I'm looking forward to celebrating this special occasion with all the HOA fans out there!'



[01:08] Sunnery° James° & Ryan° Marciano° & Eddie° Thoneick° - Drums° Of° Tobago° *Tracklist by +Technetium XX*

[03:08] Suyano° & RIVERO° - Otherside°

[05:14] Suyano° & RIVERO° - Wait° For° The° Night°

[07:20] Dannic° & We° AM° - Move°

[09:05] Suyano° & Matt° Watkins° - Bomboclat°

[10:19] Suyano° vs. Linkin° Park° - Rewind° Numb° (Andy° & Filipe° Silveira° Mashup°)

Kill The Buzz

[13:25] Kill° The° Buzz° - Break° The° House° Down° (Hardwell° Edit°)

[16:58] Chuckie° & Childsplay° - Gangster°

[19:28] Quintino° - Underground°

[22:42] Kill° The° Buzz° & Harrison° - Once° Upon° A° Time°

Jay Hardway

[27:14] Jay° Hardway° - Scio°

[29:51] Funkin° Matt° - Phoenix°

[32:29] Borgeous° & tyDi° feat. Dia° - Over° The° Edge° (Jay° Hardway° Remix°)

[36:05] Jay° Hardway° - ID°

w/ Calvin° Harris° feat. John° Newman° - Blame° (Acappella°)

[39:39] Fox° Stevenson° & Mesto° - Chatterbox°

[42:28] JOYRYDE° - The Box


[43:28] Yellow° Claw° & Wiwek° feat. Lil° Debbie° - Pop° It° (Mightyfools° Remix°)

[46:30] Wiwek° feat. Al° Rocco° & Blow° Fever° - Rebels° VIP°

[48:58] Wiwek° - Faka° G°

[51:42] Wiwek° & Moksi° - Masta°

[53:33] Wiwek° - Speedy° Birdz°

[54:10] Hardwell° & Wiwek° - Charmeleon° (VIP° Mix°)

[55:14] Wiwek° feat. Keno° - Double° Dribble°

[56:18] Wiwek° & Skrillex° feat. Elliphant° - Killa° (CrisMajor° Remix°)

[57:35] Wiwek° feat. Big° Freedia° - Cavalry°


[58:37] Blasterjaxx° - No° Sleep°

[59:50] Blasterjaxx° feat. Crane° - Pump° It°

[1:02:33] Blasterjaxx° - Thunderdrums°

[1:04:12] Blasterjaxx° - Savage°

[1:05:25] Blasterjaxx° - Do° Or° Die°

[1:07:20] Blasterjaxx° & Bart° Claessen° - ID°

[1:09:32] Twenty° One° Pilots° - Heathens° (Blasterjaxx° Bootleg°)

[1:11:05] Blasterjaxx° - 070

[1:14:14] The° Weeknd° feat. Daft° Punk° - Starboy° (Blasterjaxx° Bootleg°)

[1:17:17] Blasterjaxx° - Charge°

[1:18:52] Blasterjaxx° - Moonfire°

[1:22:00] Blasterjaxx° - Voodoo°

[1:23:28] Blasterjaxx° feat. Jonathan° Mendelsohn° - Black° Rose°

Don Diablo

[1:27:35] Don° Diablo° - Cutting° Shapes°

[1:28:46] Don° Diablo° - Switch°

[1:30:20] Zonderling° - Tunnel° Vision° (Don° Diablo° Edit°)


[1:33:16] Hardwell° - The° Universe°

[1:37:19] Olly° James° - Code°

[1:38:19] Badd° Dimes° - Go° Down° Low° (Hardwell° Edit°)

[1:41:01] Row° Rocka° vs. Hardwell° & Jake° Reese° - Blackbird° vs. Run° Wild° (Hardwell° Mashup°)

[1:44:06] MOTi° & Kenneth° G° & Olly° James° - Omen

[1:46:00] KURA° - Loki°

[1:48:31] W&W° - Whatcha° Need°

[1:52:02] Hardwell° feat. Chris° Jones° - Young° Again° (Dr° Phunk° Remix°)

[1:55:49] Hardwell° feat. Jay° Sean° - Thinking° About° You° (Sephyx° Remix°)

[1:59:03] Hardwell° feat. Amba° Shepherd° - Apollo° (Dr° Phunk° Remix°)