Henry Saiz - Live @ Home #50 You choose, I Play Vol.1 2020

Hello beautiful humans! As you know today we have a very special show, im gonna play a set made entirely of the tracks you selected. I want to give you some information about it:

1. I tried to select ONE SONG per member but some of you left only 1 or 2 options which made it more difficult for me, so im sorry if some of you dont make it through the final cut of the set, nothing personal, i tried my best! :)

2. If i want to play one track of each of you this set would be like 5 hours long, so let´s do two or more editions of this ok? :)

The main point here is to create a coherent set with all this music ,that´s the most important thing so if even though the eclecticism in this set is gonna be overwhelming it´s just imposible to mix certain styles in between the set without killing all the vibe lol so again im sorry if i couldnt play your track, wont happen a lot anyway :)