Jan Blomqvist - Live @ Disconnected x Munich 2019

"We were stressed out, swearing and sweating. But it was worth the effort. The Disconnected Show turned out amazing! That's why it was clear from the beginning that we had to record the whole thing. Ideal Entertainment made our vision come true and filmed our sold out show in Munich in high end quality. Thanks to everyone who made Disconnected so unforgettable, on, in front of and behind the stage! This video is for you! Enjoy, and: Let's stay disconnected"


0:00:00 Live In Munich Intro (Live In Munich)

0:00:32 A Bridge Over Novocaine (Live In Munich)

0:04:27 The Six Degrees Theory (Live In Munich)

0:08:28 Synth For The Devil (Live In Munich)

0:13:48 The Space In Between (Live In Munich)

0:19:03 Something Says (Live In Munich)

0:25:47 Elephant Shunned (Live In Munich)

0:32:18 Drift (Live In Munich)

0:37:45 Empty Floor (Live In Munich)

0:42:44 Time Again (Live In Munich)

0:47:48 Our Broken Mind Embassy (Live In Munich)

0:53:19 Dark Noise (Live In Munich)

0:59:34 Dancing People Are Never Wrong (Live In Munich)

1:04:17 Winter Roads (Live In Munich)

1:09:39 More (Live In Munich)

1:14:33 More (Extended Endpart) (Live In Munich)

1:19:12 The Space In Between (Ben Böhmer Remix)(Live In Munich)

1:25:53 Maybe Not (Live In Munich)

1:32:33 Credits