John B - Live @ Classic Warehouse Rave x Hardcore Late 80s x Early 90s VINYL ONLY JOHN B Livestream 2021

This week was a special one, I have a box of records my friend Kelley (of SDR & Subsonic / Shoebox records) lent to me 25-ish years ago, originally to go through all the classics to sample breaks, rave stabs etc off - still haven't quite got round to that - and he moved to America a while back, so i've been keeping good care of them in a nice sealed up plastic box ever since. Haven't opened it in 20-25 years and decided last night was 'the time' to open the VAULT. Didn't plan the set - just went through the box and played everything blind. Was the most fun I've had on these Sunday sessions in a while! There's enough more tunes in there for a couple more of these sessions I'd say, so look out for THE RETURN hah!