Kevin Saunderson b2b The Saunderson Brothers - Live @ Smirnoff Sound Collective @ National Sawdust 2016

Up-and-coming talents that represent a spectrum of different backgrounds will be offered invaluable guidance from accomplished mentors curated from all sides of the electronic music industry to help the next generation of artists succeed and navigate their growing careers.

“It’s quite remarkable to us that last year only 10% of electronic music headliners were women," Justin Medcraft, SMIRNOFF Global Senior Brand Manager said. "When you look at other communities such as the African American community and the LGBTQ community, you find a similar lack of representation throughout the industry. With the mentorship program, our ambition is to make an impact in diverse representation within electronic music."

The year-long program includes two special retreats that bring our artists and mentors together face-to-face to learn and discuss with one another and create new experiences. Artists, both seasoned and new, will share studio time and collaborate on inspiring new tunes that'll later be released by the Smirnoff Sound Collective.

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