Kissy Sell Out - Live @ DJsounds Show 2012

Kissy Sell Out is back with Dan Tait on the DJsounds Show for another four deck rampage in our shiny new London Studios.

Watch how Kissy loops, cuts, spin-backs and hot-cues his way through Dubstep, Bass, Electro and 90s House without breaking a sweat.


Graeme Revell - Rain Forever

Switch & Erol Alkan - Sydney Jook (Bok Bok Remix)

Nicki Minaj - Check It Out (Acapella)

Adam F - Circles (Eats Everything Remix - Kissy Klub Version)

Kissy Sell Out & Rob Sparx - Live Wire Ft. Jane Thomas [San City High Exclusive]

LeDoom & Tony Mundaca - CumbiaTRON (Kissy Klub Version)

Skrillex & Damian Marley - Make It Bun Dun

Kissy Sell Out Ft. The MIDI Mafia - Let's Hook Up [San City High Exclusive]

Brillz Feat Whiskey Pete- Blastin

Stereothieves - Snatch [San City High Exclusive]

Tall Paul - Rock Da House (Kissy Klub Version)

LAXX - Generate

French Fries - Senta

Taiki & Nulight - Keep You Movin (Kissy Klub Version)

Thunderskank Acapella

Parachute Youth - Cant Get Better Than This (Trumpdisco Remix - Kissy Klub Version)

Kissy Sell Out & Taku Takahashi - Shut It Down Ft. Ty

Syron - Breaking (Hackman Remix - Kissy Klub Version)

Unknown - Mofo Mr DJ (Kissy Klub Version)

The Squatters Feat Kissy Sell Out - Early Morning Crew [San City High Exclusive]

LAXX - In Tha Place

Charli XCX - You're the One (Woz Remix)

Deetah - Relax (Bump N Flex Mix)

Kissy Sell Out & Tom Piper - Side Winder [San City High Exclusive]

Kissy Sell Out - Moombah Car! [San CIty High Exclusive]

Coki - Marduk (Kissy Klub Version)

Lee Mortimer - My Body

The Partysquad - Badman (feat. Alvaro)

Congorock & Sean Paul - Bless Di Nation (Instrumental)

Kanye West - Mercy (RL Grime & Salva Remix)

Free Willy - Juicy

Tommy Trash - All My Friends (Oh Snap!! Trap Remix)

Julio Bashmore - Battle For Middle You (Kissy Klub Version)

Kissy Sell Out Ft. Queen Of Hearts - You're Not The One [San City High]

Kissy Sell Out - You're Not The Dub [San City High Exclusive]