Luca Agnelli - Live @ Beatport Live x Palazzo Fraternita, Piazza Grande, Arezzo in Tuscany 2018

Etruria beat records label boss, Luca Agnelli gets us ready for the weekend with an hour of techno gems from the rooftop of Palazzo Fraternita, Piazza Grande, Arezzo in Tuscany.


Tayut Ogni - Skodlex (Etruria Beat)

Matrixxman & Echologist - Shellshock (Planet Rhythm)

Glós - Phosphore (VII Circle Remix) (Flyance Records)

Insolate - Lovers (Truncate Remix V2) (Coincidence Records)

Rob Janssen - Boy's Interface (Deep Dimension Remix) (Gen-X)

Reform - Unconventional Spaces (Luca Agnelli Remix) (Etruria beat)

Tayut Ogni - Lost You (Luca Agnelli Remix) (Etruria Beat)

The Micronauts - Acid Party (Luca Agnelli Remix) (Micronautics)

SLV - Reflected Light (Soma)

Regal - Still Raving (Involve)

Luca Agnelli - 7 O’Clock (Under Black Helmet remix) (Etruria Beat)

Torgue - Rangda (Markëd)

Nico Moreno - My Black Rave (Etruria beat)

Krenzlin & Oliver Rosemann - Physical Language (Diego Amura Remix) (From 0-1)

MCR-T – 15M (Live From Earth)

Rune Bagge - No Tomorrow (Ownlife)

MOBY - Porcelain (Luca Agnelli Remix) (Drumcode)