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Maceo Plex - '93 (Official Album Video) 2023

Maceo Plex presents ‘’93’ with a cinematic production for this hybrid DJ set and music video, filmed at Input in Barcelona, for the launch of his highly anticipated third artist album, released on Lone Romantic. Directed by long term friend, Bernhard Pucher, the pair have worked closely together on various projects during an illustrious career both as Maceo Plex, and under the Maetrik guise.

Marking both a passion and a prolific career, the maestro presents a tantalizing body of work that masterfully blends House, Hip Hop, Global Bass, Techno, Breaks, and Electronica. This audacious fusion delves into historic and modern influences, crafting an audio journey that transcends time, rich in history yet boldly future-facing - a homage to Maceo Plex’s three-decade journey through the realms of electronic music.

‘’93' is a cross-genre exploration, seamlessly balancing emotion with hard-hitting beats. Maceo Plex collaborates with a stellar lineup of artists, including Diplo for his contribution on ‘You Don’t Have To Wait’ with Cubicolor, Oscar and the Wolf, Perry Farrell (Jane’s Addiction), Johnny Jewel and Desire, Kirsty Hawkshaw, Mystic Bill, AVNU, Giovanni, Ishi, and Tyler Hill, resulting in a diverse and dynamic musical affair.

This album narrates the story of a highly esteemed artist at a pivotal juncture in his career, consistently evolving towards new directions. Departing from the early deeper house sound that initially defined him, Maceo Plex intentionally ventures into new territory, steering away from his famed melodic and techno direction in recent years. Nevertheless, '93' retains the essence of Maceo Plex's signature style, transcending various sounds and genres in a manner reminiscent of his electrifying DJ sets, meticulously curated for the dancefloor and the crowds.


0:00 - Maceo Plex - Wervik

2:24 - Maceo Plex & Cubicolor - You Don't Have To Wait

4:47 - Maceo Plex - Revision feat. Giovanni

6:02 - Maceo Plex & Tyler Hill - Nasty

7:45 - Maceo Plex - You're My Desire feat. Mystic Bill

8:43 - Maceo Plex - Hooligan Plex

10:10 - Maceo Plex & AVNU - Serpent Jazz

12:54 - Maceo Plex - Get Out Of Here feat. Perry Farrell

14:24 - Maceo Plex & AVNU - Go Back feat. Desire

16:40 - Maceo Plex - Moon Sky feat. Ishi (House Mix)

18:03 - Maceo Plex - All Night feat. Oscar and the Wolf

20:22 - Maceo Plex - Stop That

22:15 - Maceo Plex - Just You And I

24:41 - Maceo Plex - Shine On & On feat. Kirsty Hawkshaw (Orbital Tribute)