Miss Monique - Live @ Radio Intense Ukraine, Stanislav Cliffs 2021

Stanislav cliffs are located on the territory of the National landscape preservation area “Stanislavskyi”.

It is situated on the southern outskirts of the Stanislav village in the Kherson region and on the adjacent waters of the Dnipro estuary.

It occupies a total of 659 hectares with 608 hectares under the water.

In this preservation area, you can meet some rare representatives of flora and fauna. Some of them are in the Red Book of Ukraine. For example, feather grass, tulip, silvinit. There are also such animals as machaon, bush cricket, Caspian whipsnake, leech.

A few years ago Stanislav cliffs became a popular place for sightseeing. Many nice pictures, the internet, and quarantine attracted a lot of tourists. However, , the place faced new challenges. Visitors drive their cars right on the cliffs and destroy nature. It happens, because there are no official driveways in the reserve.


01. 0:00 Tom Staar & Trace - East Soul (Kryder Remix) SPINNIN'

02. 4:40 Kinky Sound - Lemon Haze RITUAL

03. 9:38 No Hopes & Max Freeze - Sacred Wish SIONA

04. 14:54 Modbit - Calypso SIONA

05. 19:22 Pavel Khvaleev - Connect SIONA

06. 23:35 Miss Monique - Loona SIONA

07. 28:32 Andrewboy - Life SIONA

08. 34:00 Paul Angelo & Don Argento - Charybdis FSOE UV

09. 38:10 Paul Thomas & Fuenka - Yang (Miss Monique Remix) FSOE UV

10. 42:35 Cuprite - Assam (Melody Stranger Remix) ALPHA BLACK

11. 48:16 VER:WEST - Elements Of A New Life AFTR:HRS

12. 53:58 ID - ID