Nastia - Live @ ArcelorMittal: Steel Factory x Scary Beautiful #5 2020

The final episode of DJ Nastia’s music journey alongside Ballantine’s for Scary Beautiful delivers us to the industrial realm of ‘ArcelorMittal Kryvyi Rih’ accompanied by an all-powerful DJ set.

The origin of the renowned steel factory dates back to 1934 when the first pig iron was produced. Today it is the largest enterprise in the mining and metallurgical industries - the colossal scale of the enterprise and its capabilities of a full metallurgical cycle make it unprecedented. The enterprise comprises such production facilities as mining and processing, producing coke, steelmaking, etc. with the main focus of the company being the production of rebar and wire rod.

85% of the manufactured products from Ukraine are exported to new construction sites in 65 countries and the plant annually produces 6, 000, 000 tons of steel. Constructions like the Burj Khalifa in Dubai, the NSC Olympic Stadium in Kyiv, and even the protective sarcophagus over the 4th power unit in Chernobyl's nuclear power plant have all used materials produced at ArcelorMittal.

As part of the Scary Beautiful project and following Ballantine's with its notion of 'True Music' , Nastia has been pre-selecting unreleased tracks of electronic music by producers from all over the globe, some of which you can hear in the episode’s DJ mix - later, some of these tracks will become a part of an LP that is going to be released via Nastia’s label NECHTO.

As the world has to adapt to a new pandemic reality, the DJ is looking for new ways of supporting the global music community and club music through exposing fresh and upcoming talents. Scary Beautiful is aimed to not only support new artists, but also holds an objective of discovering our world anew and seeing it from a perspective that is so frightfully enchanting.


00:57 Toru Ikemoto - KASEI (NECHTO)

3:53 Ante Mortem - Erebus (NECHTO)

6:42 Öspiel - Anima (NECHTO)

9:02 KaioBarssalos - Granular Obsection (NECHTO)

13:18 Zakat95 - Rassvet

18:08 Glaskin - Fine Silver

21:06 Artificial - Fractured Minds (NECHTO)

27:34 Incorrect Waves - Zero Visibility (NECHTO)

31:00 Sigma Proxy - Driven (NECHTO)

35:55 Knigi - Dining And Dashing (NECHTO)

39:12 Splinter (UA) - Locked Up (NECHTO)

42:26 #BSKD - Flower Power (NECHTO)

47:09 Ben Khlifa - I Wish I Was The Monster You Think I Am (NECHTO)

50:13 Sigma Proxy - Patterns (NECHTO)