Nastia - Live @ Costa Rica 2024

After a two-year breather, DJ Nastia is back on YouTube, bringing her signature fast-paced techno to the forefront with an electrifying Live Techno Mix, straight from the heart of Costa Rica. Brace yourselves for an immersive journey into the pulsating realms of techno as Nastia unleashes her signature prowess on the decks. This is just the start.

In this exclusive live set, including tracks from upcoming releases on Nastia’s label NECHTO, she unleashes her talent and energy behind the decks, delivering a relentless journey through the sounds of techno. The tempo is relentless, the beats are unforgiving, and the energy is palpable. It's a sonic expedition into the heart of techno, where she reigns supreme as the architect of sonic landscapes.

Known for her unparalleled skills and ability to command the dancefloor, Nastia delivers a seamless fusion of hard techno, dark techno, and sustained house. The atmosphere she creates is both intense and hypnotic. The beats resonate with a raw, unapologetic energy, as every track meticulously selected contributes to the sonic tapestry of the live mix.

Throughout the video, you can see Nastia in her element, fully immersed in the music and hyping up the crowd with her intense energy. From start to finish, this live mix is a non-stop barrage of bold and hard-hitting techno beats that will have you grooving and moving along with Nastia's every move.

Be prepared to get lost in this live techno mix, filled with Nastia's own unique sound and style. This isn't just a live DJ set; it's a sonic manifesto, a declaration that Nastia is back, and she's here to dominate the techno landscape once again. The dj live mix serves as a testament to her dedication to the craft, with each track, whether it's the hard-hitting beats of the Dj Mix, the mysterious allure of the Dark Techno Mix, or the pulsating rhythm of the Techno Live Mix, carefully chosen to elevate the auditory experience to new heights.


0:00 DJ Rush - Frequencies

3:24 Shlomi Aber, Kashpitzky - By Myself

7:31 Luc - Get Down

11:40 Förm - Shalaxo

14:13 Dying & Barakat - From Where I Am

15:18 Ikari - The Lawnmower

19:31 ANNĒ - Unreleased (NECHTO Records)

20:13 Levzon - Baraa

24:00 Stef Mendesidis - UNRELEASED

27:43 VILLA - Kauai's Last Dance

30:45 WLDERZ - Disconnected

33:33 Alt8 - Hard Minimal

37:01 Sharpside - Wave Cruising (Remastered 2022)

40:02 Twister - Bonus!

43:48 Jon10 - All My Girls Are On The Floor (DJUS Remix)

47:23 Gräfin - Light Trails

49:39 Mani Festo - Gonn

52:35 Askkin - Porn To Pee Alive

55:45 Dostroic, TORRE [EYD] - I Call You

59:36 - Disruption - Groove Infinity

1:03:13 Milanel - Unravel

1:06:19 Ferdinger - Real Power (Annē Remix)

1:09:33 CRAVO - Getup

1:13:25 Stef Mendesidis - Unreleased

1:21:57 R.M.K - Unreleased (NECHTO Records)

1:23:43 R.M.K - Unreleased (NECHTO Records)

1:24:05 Sera J - Delusion

1:26:42 Jnks - Unreleased (NECHTO Records)

1:29:00 LDS - GLO3

1:33:30 Phil Berg - Raid

1:36:43 Mython - Sexual Deviant

1:39:59 Stef Mendesidis - Kraken

1:44:32 Phil Berg - Y-Axis

1:47:34 Dax J - Celestial Dub

1:48:45 Remco Beekwilder - Avia (Original Mix)

1:52:16 Ayako Mori - Give You My Heart