Nastia - Live @ Mixmag Lab Delhi 2023

Mixmag and Budweiser bring The Lab back to India for 2023, showcasing the best homegrown and international talent in multiple locations around the country.

We couldn't have asked for a better name than Nastia, the Ukranian techno heavyweight that has etched her mark in the world of dance music, one feat at a time. She started her career in 2005, with residencies and weekly live radio shows. She has founded two record labels - Propaganda and NECHTO.

In addition to house and techno, Nastia is a true fan of jungle and drum and bass music and has included these genres in her performances since 2007. .All these years, Nastia's activities have always aimed at popularizing Ukrainian culture and local artists, which has made her the face of the

Ukrainian electronic music scene on the global stage.

Nastia is a rare example of how great success can be achieved solely by DJing, ideas and hard work - so far she is the most touring and popular DJ in the history of Ukraine. She performs at key venues around the world and takes an active social and political position in all her endeavours.