Nastia - Live @ Tarakanivsky Fort x Scary Beautiful #3 2020

The third destination of DJ Nastia and Ballantine's for Scary Beautiful is the Tarakanivsky Fort - an architectural monument of the 19th century where Nastia played a DJ set. This place astonishes not only by its legends but also by its scale. It got its name from the nearby village of Tarakaniv, and is one of the most interesting places in the Rivne region of Ukraine. Unfortunately, only ruins remain from the once majestic fortress.

The Tarakaniv Fort (таракановский форт), also known as the Dubenska Fortress, is considered one of the most mystical places in Ukraine. The castle is remarkable not only by its fables but also by its size. According to one of these fables, the fort is considered a ghost town. Rumor has it that ghosts roam the territory and have scared local residents on numerous occasions for many years now. Perhaps this is due to the fact that at the beginning of the twentieth century, many soldiers have lost their lives there, and to this day their souls cannot find peace.

Tarakanivsky Fort is a prime example of how you can underestimate one's defenses. The fortress was built at the end of the 19th century to protect the western borders of the Russian Empire. From there the railway line passing was perfectly visible. But during World War I, the Russians decided they didn't need the fort. Therefore, the fortress was surrendered to the Polish side almost without a fight. Having regained their strength, they decided to return the fort (форт), yet it took a lot of effort to do so. As a result, the fort, destroyed by its own artillery, was retaken.

During World War II, the fortress was once again surrendered to the enemies. This time - to the German invaders. According to some legends, the Germans tested a new secret nuclear weapon at the location. When it became clear that the surrender of Germany was imminent, the Germans poured concrete into some rooms and passages of the fort. Those passages have not yet been unsealed, so those parts of Tarakanivsky Fort ( тараканівський форт) raise even more questions. Every year the remains of the once beautiful structure and its mysterious stories attract more and more curious tourists.

As part of the Scary Beautiful project and following Ballantine's with its notion of 'True Music' , Nastia has been pre-selecting unreleased tracks by producers from all over the globe, some of which you can hear in the episode’s DJ mix - later, some of these tracks will become a part of an LP that is going to be released via Nastia’s label NECHTO.


1:12 Poly Chain - Vanity Distribution (NECHTO)

3:58 Ryndin - Think Center (NECHTO)

6:51 Sarmigetusa - Fantasy And Rally (NECHTO)

9:43 Voin Oruwu - Steel (NECHTO)

12:11 ŸDV-Folie à Deux (NECHTO)

16:43 Ante Mortem - Ishtar (NECHTO)

18:51 KS7 - Conflit (NECHTO)

22:11 RNBW - Melody Of Autumn (NECHTO)

25:23 Fleiss - Harmonia Nectere Passus (NECHTO)

30:52 VSEGDA MNOGO - Weakness (NECHTO)

33:50 TURBOERA - I Can Destroy You (NECHTO)

36:12 Nadnova - Dykhai

40:45 Syberian98 - Paap Wisdom (NECHTO)

45:05 Palitra - Nonpoint (NECHTO)