Stefano Noferini - Live @ Move On record store, Florence 2017

A master of deep tech-house, Stefano Noferini is known for his epic journeys, smoothly blending understated minimalism with percussive grooves at clubs around the globe.

As a producer he's released on Terminal M, 20/20, ViVa Music and Kling Klong, but it's his own label Deeperfect where you'll find the epitome of his sound. The signature punchy kick and hypnotic loops have made it one of the most popular imprints on Beatport with releases from artists like Leonardo Gonnelli, Natch & Dothen and naturally, Stefano himself. This month he launches sub-label dpe, dedicated to new talent and a more minimal sound.

Unlike the the historic buildings that surround it, the Move On record store is only a few years old, but in that time has become known as one of the world's most beautiful stores, stocking a full range of iconic vinyl that you can enjoy at one of the listening stations while looking out on the famous Piazza San Giovanni.