Stephan Bodzin - Live @ StudioFeed Radio Sessions Episode #17 2012

It's hard to believe that it's already been five years since the release of Stephan Bodzin's massive debut full-length record, Liebe Ist. Since releasing that album back in 2007, the Bremen-based musician has been building a reputation for himself as one of the most highly sought-after live electronic acts in the world. In addition to running a label (Herzblut) and releasing many remixes and singles, Stephan has been touring internationally for the last six years, picking up huge numbers of new fans with his extremely energetic and innovative live sets and melody-tinged DJ sets. Accompanying Stephan's live performances is a slew of gear, including a wireless MIDI controller adapted to a light-saber which he breaks out during peak-time play to perform the monstrous growls of his track "Puck." As a result of Stephan's extensive touring schedule, he has played both some of the biggest and smallest clubs in the world, gained valuable knowledge of the global electronic circuit and has some wild stories to go along with his experiences.

Stephan recently performed at Footwork in Toronto for the third time in his career, blowing away those who had yet to hear his technically brilliant and powerful sound. We were lucky enough to have Stephan drop by the StudioFeed headquarters the morning after his show to record an hour-long DJ mix with us containing some of Stephan's favourite new tracks. Stephan also revealed to us that he is working on a new full-length album that should be released over the next year or so, which -- given the content heard on Liebe Ist -- will likely be a contender for album of the year.

Check out this amazing episode of Sessions with Stephan Bodzin; download the free mix from the Soundcloud player below or check out Stephan mixing on a variety of gear (including his custom wireless MIDI controller) in the video above.

Stephan Bodzin is a German producer, DJ, and owner of the Herzblut label. Head to to download the mp3 version of this mix for free.