Ulterior Motive ft. SP:MC - Live @ D&BTV #215 Metalheadz Takeover 2016

With Metalheadz crew inside the place for the first D&BTV of 2016, we were treated to stellar sets from Ulterior Motive, Scar and DLR, and hosting duties came courtesy of SP:MC, Lowqui, Visionobi and Codebreaker.

The bar for 2016 has been set, and to say it's high is an understatement. Get a load of the sheer wizardry 'pon the decks and sublime track selection from the Metalheadz mandem. BOH.


Wretch 32 - Alright with me - Alix Perez remix

Quadrant and Iris - Orca

Ed:It - Viewpoint

Ulterior Motive - Radian

Xtrah - Cybernetics

Ulterior Motive - INTA:National VIP

Total Science and Spirit - Rumble

D bridge - True Romance Vip

Fracture and Deft - I Just

Rockwell - Stay Calm VIP

Ulterior Motive Ft Mayhem Luren & Brotherman - Chapters (icicle RMX)

One Mind & Ulterior Motive - Evolution

Heist - Violent Rain

Breakage - Disco 45

Skeptical - Parallax

Alix Perez - Recall and Reflect

Ulterior Motive - Oddness

Kamanchi - Never can tell (Its a trap)

Abstract Elements - Uranus

Xtrah & Noisia - Something

Ed:It & PennyGiles - Set Theory (Ulterior Motive RMX)

Gridlock & Prolix - Insecticide

Infinite - Beachball

Kemal - Test Tube

Break - The Flux

High Contrast - Mermaid Scar (Ulterior Motive RMX)

Digital & Spirit - Phantom Force

Lenzman - My Tearz - (Ulterior Motive RMX)