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WhoMadeWho - Live @ Næstved, Denmark with Bjarke Ingels Group's SKUM 2021

This live concert film was a special experience for us – in particular for Barfod who grew up in the Danish countryside, 500 meters from the field it was filmed at. The days leading up to the video shoot were as chaotic as usual for WhoMadeWho... The initial location got cancelled, and with no place to film, Tomas called his family who still live in the area. We also underestimated SKUM and it's sheer size. Apparently it needed more effort to place a half ton and 20 meter long structure than we had anticipated. And of course, 60 min before recording it began to rain...

Thanks to family, friends, and a strong crew we managed to pull this off and we think the result came out magnificent and showcases a dramatic Danish sunset at its best. The video was premiered by Lightning In A Bottle Festival a few weeks ago and now you can finally watch in on our YouTube.

THANKS TO EVERYONE INVOLVED especially Bjarke Ingels Group, Jakob Lange, Mads Vegas Lightning, Oliver and Carsten at Effect Management, Aldo Pavia, Jonas Jakobsen, Morten W. Sabroe, Dane Grace, and Quistgaarden/Henrik & Anne Grethe, who all helped so well to make it happen.